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Micrometrics High-Power PIN Diodes Reside In MELF Packages

For switching and attenuator applications from HF through UHF frequencies, the company offers a line of high-power PIN diodes in non-magnetic metal electrode leadless faced (MELF) packages. Employing a propriety glassing process, the diodes feature full-face bonding on the anode and cathode to ensure full surface contact of their square ceramic packages. This reportedly creates lower electrical and thermal resistance and provides higher average performance at RF power levels up to 100W CW. Specifications include a resistance of 0.3Ω to 1Ω at 100 MHz/100 mA, capacitance of 0.5 pF to 2 pF at 1 MHz/100V, and lifetime specifications from 1 µs to 8 µs. Prices and delivery schedules vary depending on electrical parameters and quantity. Average lead time is four to six weeks. MICROMETRICS, Londonderry, NH. (888) 641-7364.


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