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Mil-Spec Shottkys Boost Power Management Efficiency

Taking aim at the military, aerospace and transportation markets, these seventy high-reliability Schottky diodes includes devices screened for TX, TXV and S-Level space-qualified applications, as well as 100V and 150V rated devices said to be unique to the hi-rel industry. These hermetic rectifiers offer reverse- breakdown voltage ratings of 30V, 45V, 100V and 150V with current ratings from 14A to 120A. And they are available in both single- and common-cathode configurations. Six package styles are available: SMD-0.5, SMD-1, TO-257, TO-254, hermetic D-2, and hermetic D-3. Two-lead TO-257 and TO-254 packages are offered in ceramic or glass seals. Pricing begins at $42 each/500.


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