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MOSFET Chipset Ratchets Up Efficiency

MOSFET Chipset Ratchets Up Efficiency

The IRF6706S2PbF and IRF6798MPbF DirectFET MOSFET chipset boasts best-in-class efficiency for 12V synchronous buck applications including servers, desktops, and notebooks. Employing the company’s latest generation MOSFET silicon technology, the 25V chipset is optimized for high frequency dc/dc switching applications. The IRF6798MPbF specifies an on-state resistance of less than 1 m? and features a monolithically integrated Schottky diode that reduces losses associated with body diode conduction and reverse recovery losses. It also exhibits a gate resistance of 0.25?. The IRF6706S2PbF also features a low charge and low on resistance. Pricing for the IRF6706S2PbF and IRF6798MTRPbF begins at $0.60 and US $1.50 each/10,000, respectively. For more information, contact Sian Cummins at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORP., El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7148.


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