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MOSFET Optimized For DDR Memory

Said to be a cost-effective alternative to comparable devices, the IRF7338 dual n- and p-channel power MOSFET is suitable for use in instant power up circuits for USB ports, DDR DRAM applications, and other circuits that need a SPDT device to switch between a standby voltage and a core voltage rail. The device can provide alternate source and sink paths for the termination voltage when driven with a single op amp. When used in a USB port, the MOSFET can instantly switch the port between the 5V standby voltage and the 5V core rail. The FET can also be used in PCI applications to switch between the 3.3V standby voltage and the 3.3V core. The p-channel section handles switching currents up to 3A and the n-channel can switch up to 6.3A. On-resistance for the n- and p-channels are 34 m? and 150 m?, respectively. Price is $0.24 each/10K. INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7105.


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