Electronic Design

MOSFETs Achieve A 0.55-mm Profile

According to Fairchild Semiconductor, its FDMA1027 and FDFMA2P853 can dissipate 60% more power than SC-70 MOSFETs. The company also says they have the lowest profile in the market, measuring 2 by 2 by 0.55 mm in micro-leadframe packages (MLPs). The 20-V P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs integrate a Schottky diode and promise greater efficiency for feature-rich products. Both devices can dissipate 1.4 W, employ lead-free terminals, and meet moisture sensitivity criteria in accordance with the lead-free reflow requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020. They cost $0.57/each 1000.

Fairchild Semiconductor



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