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MOSFETs Meld FETs And Diode In An SO-8 Package

Three new Little Foot Plus devices, the Si4830DY, Si4808DY, and Si4834DY, are designed to reduce space requirements for 2A to 5A logic voltage dc/dc converters, allowing designers to replace three discrete devices with a single integrated solution. Each device combines a low-side synchronous MOSFET, a high-side control MOSFET, and a Schottky diode in a SO-8 package. Optimized for synchronous buck converters with a switching frequency up to 300 kHz, the devices have a 30V breakdown voltage with an on-resistance of 22 milliohms/channel at a 10V gate drive. Each FET can handle up to 7.5A and maximum Schottky diode forward voltage is 0.5V at 1A. Usable in a variety of designs, each device provides a different pin-out variation. The Si4808DY has a dual pin-out with the Schottky diode in the lower position, while the Si4834DY offers a dual-pin out with the Schottky diode in the upper position. In the Si4830DY, the upper MOSFET and the Schottky are connected internally. Typical applications include notebook computers, game stations, and other space-sensitive information appliances. Price starts at $0.59 each/100,000.


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