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MOSFETs Optimized For VRM 10 Power Systems

Optimized for VRM 10 power systems and high-frequency, high-current dc/dc converters, three new 20V N-channel MOSFETs have been added to the company's DirectFET family. The IRF6609 is designed for high-performance, high-current (33A or more) synchronous MOSFET applications. This device combines very low gate charge (Q&subg;), Miller charge (Q&subgd;) and ultra-low reverse recovery charge (Q&subRR;) with typical R&subDS(on); of 1.6 milliohms at 10V. The IRF6620 targets synchronous MOSFET applications up to 35A and combines very low Q&subg;, Q&subgd;, and Q&subRR; with a typical R&subDS(on); of 2.1 milliohms at 10V. The IRF6623 features enhanced control MOSFET performance, with an R&subDS(on);-Q&subg; product at 4.5V of 48.4 milliohms-nC, and a Q&subgd; of 4.0 nC. Pricing for the IRF6609, IRF6620 and IRF6623 is $1.25, $0.98 and $0.78 each/10,000, respectively. For more information, contact Wayne Yoshida at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7726.


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