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Mux Amps Provide Glitch Free Video Switching

Promising trouble-free video switching, the MAX4023 through MAX4026, 2:1 video multiplexing (mux) amplifiers exhibit a 20 mVp-p switching glitch and a switching time of 25 ns per channel. The MAX4023 triple and MAX4025 quad are unity-gain stable with adjustable gain set by external resistors, while the MAX4024 triple and MAX4026 quad are internally set for a fixed gain of 2 V/V. The amplifiers operate from a 4.5V to 11V single supply or a ±2.25 to ±5.5V dual supply and have an input common-mode voltage range that extends to the negative rail. The MAX4023/4025 provide a -3 dB bandwidth of 260 MHz and a slew rate of 300 V/µs with selectable gain. The MAX4024/4026 offer a -3 dB bandwidth of 200 MHz and a slew rate of 363 V/µs with a fixed-gain video buffer of 2 V/V. Each device consumes 19 mA of supply current and includes a low-power disable mode that reduces supply current and places the outputs into a high-impedance state. Available in a variety of packages including 14-pin TSSOPs and 16-pin QSOPs, prices start at $1.75 each/1,000. MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800.


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