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Near-IR Detector Offers High Gain, Low Noise

Reporting higher gain and lower noise than avalanche photodiodes, the company’s unique class of near-infrared photodetectors are essentially carrier-multiplication devices (CMDs). These CMDs, nano-structure indium gallium arsenide/indium aluminum arsenide (InGaAs/InAlAs) devices, allegedly overcome the limitations of avalanche photodiodes in the 0.9- to 1.6-micron spectral region, including the eye-safe range beyond 1.3 microns. The CMD photodetectors are suitable for low-light-level detection and coupling the CMD to a low-noise amplifier produces a receiver with high gain, reliable noise equivalent power, and better overall sensitivity. Other features include analog optical detection up to approximately 1 GHz, ionization coefficients from k to 0.02, and maximum linear-mode gain is typically above M=100. VOXTEL INC., Beaverton, OR. (971) 223-5646.

Company: VOXTEL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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