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New Op Amp Family Combines High Bandwidth With Low Power Dissipation

Made using a cutting-edge process, the LMH series of high-speed operational amplifiers are targeted for use in communications applications such as xDSL, set-top boxes and other consumer products. The complementary bipolar IC process, called VIP10, uses deep trench technology on a bonded wafer to produce op amps that reportedly deliver complete dielectric isolation and optimal high-speed performance. The series presently includes eight devices.
The LMH6672 is a dual amplifier with an output current of 320 mA, a distortion rate of -84 dBc, and a bandwidth-to-power ratio of 200 MHz/5.5 mA. The LMH6654/55 devices have a distortion/noise figure of 4.5nV/rtHz, bandwidth-to-power ratio of 240 MHz/4.5 mA, and an output drive of 110 mA. The LMH6642/43 are 130-MHz devices with a supply/output current ratio of 2.4 mA/+90 mA, rail-to-rail output, and single supply voltage capability of 3.0V to 12V. The LMH6645/46/47 have a supply current of 650 µA and rail-to-rail I/O, with the LMH6647 also claimed to have the lowest shutdown current in the industry. Plans to introduce the second wave of LMH products, targeted for optical storage/video applications, are set for the fourth quarter of 2001. The op amps are available now, with prices starting at $0.79 each/1000.


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