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Next-Gen Digital Audio Amplifier Power Stages Offer High SNR

A 98-dB signal-to-noise ratio makes the TAS5352 and TAS5342 next-generation digital amplifier power stages well suited for use in high-performance audio and home theater applications. The TAS5352 can drive two channels at 125W, and the TAS5342 can drive 100W per channel at 10% total harmonic distortion plus noise into a 4Ω load. Both devices are pin-compatible with the TAS5142DDV evaluation module. A third version, the TAS5342L, offers designers a lower-cost option for suitable applications. The power stages provide bootstrap under-voltage protection that allows higher modulation indexes. Also, faster over-current detection lets designers use inductors with lower saturation current in the reconstruction filter. Other features include a lower spike voltage to improve reliability and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), a pin-to-pin short detector for detecting manufacturing errors like solder bridges, and a special ramp sequence to minimize pop and click when used in single-ended mode. When used with the appropriate system designs, the digital amplifier power stages are EMI-compatible. The TAS5352, TAS5342, and TAS5342L are available now in 44-pin HTSSOP packages. The TAS5352, TAS5342 and TAS5342L cost $4.15, $3.95, and $2.95 each/1,000, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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