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Noise Attenuator Slashes Size And Price

The QuietPower output-ripple-attenuation module, dubbed QPO-1, relies on active filtering in a SIP package. It can thereby provide more than 20 dB of conducted differential noise attenuation from 60 Hz to 500 kHz. It is rated for 10 A and can be used with most switch-mode power supplies that have output voltages from 3 to 30 Vdc. The QPO-1 offers the basic functionality of a universal attenuator. But it does so in a package that is one-tenth the size while costing one-third the price.

Based on a closed-loop architecture, the QPO-1 attenuator boasts a greatly improved load transient response for the source power supply and precise point-of-load voltage regulation. The SIP can control the source through the remote sense leads or the voltage trim lead. The QPO-1 supports parallel operation for high current requirements.

The SIP measures 1 × 1 × 0.2 in. (25 × 25 × 5 mm). Units are surface-mountable with either LGA or BGA terminations. QuietPower QPO-1 modules are priced as low as $12 in OEM quantities. They are available from stock.

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