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Electronic Design

Octal Receiver For Ultrasound RF

ADI_0725-AThe AD9670 octal receiver is touted by Analog Devices as the first ultrasound receiver able to condition eight channels of data from RF to a baseband frequency. An integrated digital I/Q demodulator, a programmable-oscillator and a 16-tap FIR decimation filter combine to reduce the system FPGA’s data bandwidth requirements. The receiver also provides a continuous wave processing path with an analog I/Q demodulator. A 30 MHz anti-aliasing filter frequency and a 125-MSamples/s A/D converter combine to yield 75 dB SNR for enhanced ultrasound image quality. At 130 mW per channel total power, the receiver is designed for mid- to high-end portable and cart-based ultrasound systems. Pin-similar to the company's AD9278/79 octal receivers, the AD9670 comes packaged in a 144-ball 10 mm x 10 mm BGA. Samples of the AD9670 octal receiver will be available in August with full production slated for October 2012 and pricing set at $69.00 each/1,000.

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