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Op Amp Boosts Slew Rate/Power Ratio By An Order Of Magnitude

The MIC920/921 high-speed operational amplifiers provide an order-of-magnitude improvement in the ratio of slew rate to power consumption. Decompensation enables the two devices to achieve a 3000-V/µs slew rate and high gain-bandwidth product for the same power consumption while maintaining unity-gain bandwidth. While the MIC920 offers an 80-MHz gain-bandwidth, the MIC921 is rated for 45 MHz. Likewise, supply current is 550 µA for the MIC920 and 360 µA for the MIC921. Supply voltage ranges from ±2.5 to ±9 V. The units can drive a stable, high-capacitance load and achieve high PSRR and CMRR performance. Hence, the PSRR and CMRR for the MIC920 are rated at 104 and 91 dB, respectively, and at 105 and 87 for the MIC921, respectively. In 1000-piece lots, the MIC920/921 cost $1.25 in SC70-5 packages.

Micrel Semiconductor; (408) 944-0800

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