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Op-Amp Chips Get High Marks For Bandwidth, Linearity, Stability

Four new broadband op-amp chips achieve industry-leading performance levels for driving high-resolution video signals. The ZL40120/21/22/23 chips post high ratings for bandwidth, linearity, and stability while consuming less power. The ZL40121/23 devices are dual-matched, with two amps on each chip. The ZL40120/22 devices are quad-matched, with four amps on each chip. Driving 100-W loads, the ZL40122/23 amps support bandwidths up to 450 MHz and draw only 5.2 mA/A of standby current. The ZL40120/21 chips deliver 280 MHz and use only 3.3 mA/A of standby current under the same conditions. The ZL40121/23 amps cost $1.65 each and the ZL40120/22 cost $2.45 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

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