Electronic Design

Op Amp Drives SAR ADCs To True Zero

The LTC6360 operational amplifier can drive 16- and 18-bit SAR ADCs to 0V while maintaining high linearity on a single +5V supply. An integrated ultralow noise charge pump provides an internal negative rail, eliminating the need for a negative supply. Input offset voltage is less than 250 µV and noise is 2.3nV/√Hz.  The device settles to 16-bits in 150 ns and achieves a closed loop -3-dB bandwidth of 250 MHz.  Harmonic distortion (HD2/HD3) is -103dBc/-109dBc at fIN = 40 kHz. The output is designed to drive a series 10? resistor and 330-pF capacitor filter network, although larger load capacitances can be driven. Available in MSOP and 3 mm x 3 mm DFN 8-pin packages, prices start at $2.19 each/1,000. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (800) 454-6327.      

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