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Op Amp Exhibits Low Voltage Noise While Drawing Half The Power

Drawing nearly half as much power as previous operational amplifiers, the LT1722/23/24 single/dual/quad high-speed op amps exhibit a low-voltage noise of only 3.8 nV/√Hz at a 3.7-mA supply current. They also offer a 200-MHz gain-bandwidth product and high dc accuracy. Input offset voltage is less than 400 µV, and offset voltage drift is only 3 µV/°C. Based on voltage-feedback topology, they're unity-gain stable and feature a low total harmonic distortion (THD) of −85 dBc at 1 MHz. They deliver up to 50 mA of output drive and operate from ±2.3 to ±5.5 V. While the single LT1722 comes in five-pin SOT23 and eight-pin SOIC packages, the dual and quad versions are available in eight- and 14-lead SOICs. The op amps are fully tested over commercial and industrial temperature ranges. In 1000-piece quantities, the single costs $1.30, and the dual and quad cost $2.15 and $3.95, respectively.

Linear Technology; (800) 454-6327

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