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Op Amp Family Aims At High-Volume Applications

A family of three general-purpose op amps offers rail-to-rail output swing, fast slew rate and low differential gain and phase characteristics. The ADA4851-1 (single), ADA4851-2 (dual) and ADA4851-4 (quad) are intended for TV, cable set-top boxes, personal video recorders, portable media players and automotive telematics. Bandwidth is specified as 175 MHz and slew rate as 250 V/µs. Settling time is 25 ns. The devices draw 3 mA of quiescent current per amplifier. The amplifiers can be operated from a single supply voltage, with the input allowed to extend 200 mV below the negative rail. Rail-to-rail output swing is within 50 mV of either rail. With 0.1 dB flatness out to 15 MHz and differential gain and phase of 0.05% and 0.05° respectively, the devices are well suited for video applications. Three packaging styles are available: SOT-23, µSOIC-8 and TSSOP-14. Pricing is as follows: ADA4851-1, $0.55 each/1,000, ADA4851-2, $0.79 each, and ADA4851-4, $1.09 each. ANALOG DEVICES, Norwood, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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