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Op Amp Family Operates At Low Voltages, Draw Little Current

Promising to trim the size, weight and cost of batteries in portable electronics, two new members of a family of op amps boast of guaranteed specs at 2.2V and 3V. The CMV7101 and CMV7106, which are available in 5-pin and 6-pin small-outline-transistor (SOT) packages respectively, draw a low supply current-- typically 300 µA. These monolithic semiconductors have a rail-to-rail input-output topology and high output drive capability. This, it is said, gives engineers more design versatility and improved performance. To reduce supply current when idle, the CMV7106 includes a power shutdown mode. The sixth pin on the device activates this mode, reducing supply consumption to just 1 µA. This feature gives designers the ability to selectively turn off circuits when idle, which is important for products such as pagers and cell phones. The new op amps are well suited for use in these and other battery-operated products. Pricing for the CMV7101 is $0.45 each/10,000 and for CMV7106, $0.50 each/10,000.


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