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Op Amp Fits Miniature Apps

Housed in micro-sized SOT-23-5 and SO-8 packages, OPA342 low power operational amplifiers offer rail-to-rail input/output and high-speed operation for use in miniature, battery-powered and cost-sensitive applications. Single, dual and quad versions are available. Applications include low voltage systems in communications, data acquisition, process control, audio processing, PCMCIA cards, test equipment, and consumer electronics. These devices are well-suited for driving sampling A/D converters and providing I/V conversion at the output of D/A converters. The OPA342 series operates from a single 2.5V supply with an input common-mode voltage range that extends 300 mV beyond the supplies. The output typically swings within 1 mV of either rail with a 100 kW load. The op amps provide the rail-to-rail operation needed to achieve full signal range and improve overall system performance while operating on low supply voltages. These op amps offer 1 MHz speed, supply current of 150 mA, rail-to-rail input/output, 124 dB open-loop gain, distortion of 0.003% THD+N and 1V/ms slew rate.


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