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Op Amp Offers Low Distortion And High Dynamic Range

Exceptionally low harmonic distortion and 3rd-order intermodulation intercepts are featured in the KH232 and KH207 hybrid op amps. The KH207 is designed for high-gain applications, while the KH232 serves low-gain purposes. For the KH207, specs include a gain range of +7 to +50 and -1 to -50V/V. Small-signal bandwidth at gain of 20V/V is 170 MHz and 3rd-order IP at 20 MHz is 37 dBm. The KH232 has a gain range of ±1 to ±5V/V and provides stable, oscillation-free operation across the entire gain range without external compensation. Small-signal bandwidth at gain of 2V/V is 270 MHz. The amplifier's 3rd-order IP at 20 MHz is rated at 40 dBm. Harmonic distortion for the KH207 is -80 dBc (2nd harmonic) at 2Vpk-pk at 20 MHz. For the KH232, the second harmonic is down -69 dBc under the same conditions. Both amplifiers are built using the firm's thin-film resistor/bipolar transistor technology.


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