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Op Amp Offers Rail-To-Rail Input And Output

Operating on all single and split supplies with a total voltage of 2.7V to 44V and drawing less than 50 µA of quiescent current, LT1636 op amp has a shutdown feature that makes the output high impedance and reduces quiescent current to 4 µA. The device has an input stage that operates and remains high impedance when above the positive supply. The input takes 44V both differential and common-mode, even when operating on a 3V supply. The output swings to both supplies. Unlike most operational amplifiers, this device can drive heavy loads with its rail-to-rail output driving 18 mA. And it is unity-gain stable into all capacitive loads up to 10,000 pF when a 0.22 µF and 150 ohm compensation network is used. The op amp is reverse supply protected and draws no current for reverse supply up to 27V. Built-in resistors protect the inputs for faults below the negative supply up to 22V. The op amp is available packaged in 8-pin MSOPs, PDIPs and SOPs.


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