Electronic Design

Op Amp Promises Precision Over Time, Temperature

Optimized for applications in strain gauges, weight scales, test and instrumentation equipment, and climate control systems, LMC2001 operational amplifier guarantees very high precision over time and temperature for ten years. The op amp ensures 5-µV offset error drift over the ten-year-period and eliminates 1/f noise as a source of signal error. As a result, it offers an ultra-low offset voltage of OS after just 15 ms of startup time. It provides VOS drift over temperature of 6 MHz.By definition, 1/f noise increases in amplitude as frequency is reduced. In most applications, this varying signal noise is added or subtracted from the signal to be measured, with a corresponding increase in error. By eliminating 1/f noise, and by holding voltage and current noise low and constant with frequency, LMC2001 op amp enables accuracy in all dc-coupled applications to be improved.


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