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Op AmpÕs Offset Voltage Is Programmable

Dissipating less than 1 mW at 5V, the ALD1721E monolithic, micropower operational amplifier has an integrated capability for accurately trimming the input offset voltage (VOS). The VOS is pre-trimmed at the factory to a maximum of ±90 µV, with users capable of trimming the VOS even further for applications requiring specific offset bias voltages over a ±15 mV rangeÑuser trimming is done using the companyÕs ALD E100 EPAD programming unit and an application-specific adapter module.The op amp requires a minimum supply voltage of 2V and features rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, tolerance to over-voltage input spikes of 300 mV beyond supply rails, input current requirements of 0.01 pA typical, and high open loop voltage gain. The ALD1721E op amp comes housed in eight-pin plastic DIP, CERDIP and SOIC packages, is available for use over Ð55¡C to 125¡C and 0¡C to 70¡C temperature ranges, and costs $1.23 each/10,000. The ALD1721, a pre-trimmed part for which user trimming in the field is not required, is also available for $1.15. The company also offers a dual version of the op amp called ALD2721E. For further information and lead times, call John Skurla at ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.


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