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Op Amps Deliver Slew Rates Up To 4 kV/µs

With slew rates up to 4 kV/µs, the EL5x0x series op amps exhibit the dynamic performance of current-feedback amplifiers while providing the ease-of-use and dc accuracy of a voltage-feedback amplifier. The EL5104, EL5105, EL5204, EL5205, and EL5304 are available in single, dual and triple versions and with bandwidths of 200 MHz, 400 MHz, and 700 MHz. Each amplifier operates from a single 5V or ±5V supply. The EL5102/5103 offer a slew rate of 4 kV/µs, -3 dB bandwidth of 400 MHz, ±0.1 dB bandwidth of 50 MHz, and an output current of 140 mA. With a slew rate of 3 kV/µs, the EL5104/5105 specifies a -3 dB bandwidth of 700 MHz, ±0.1 dB bandwidth of 45 MHz, and an output current of 160 mA. The EL5100/5101 provide a –3 dB bandwidth of 200 MHz, ±0.1 dB bandwidth of 20 MHz, slew rate of 2.2 kV/µs, and an output current of 100 mA. Prices range from $0.76 to $3.90 each/1,000. INTERSIL CORP., Milpitas, CA. (888) 352-6832.


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