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Op Amps Developed For Use In Low Current And Voltage Applications

Designed for low voltage and low current applications, the MCP6042, 6042, 6043 and 6044 operational amplifiers provide rail-to-rail input and output that allows the full voltage supply range of 5.5V to 1.4V to be used. The op amps feature unity gain stability with a gain bandwidth product of 14 kHz and a maximum quiescent current (Iq) of 1 µA. The devices can operate over a -40¡C to 85¡C temperature range and have a typical Iq of 600 nA. Pricing in 1,000 piece quantities is $0.44 for the single op amp MCP6041, $0.46 for the single MCP6043 with chip select, $0.58 for the dual MCP6042, and $1.02 for the quad MCP6044. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (480) 792-7668.


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