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Op Amps Drive A/D Converters

Designed for driving high-performance ADCs in communications and medical imaging applications, OPA686 and OPA687 are high-gain, stable, voltage feedback operational amplifiers that combine high bandwidth and large signal performance with ultra-low distortion and input noise. OPA687 offers a 3.8 GHz bandwidth product, 0.95 nV/ÃHz input voltage noise, -95 dBc distortion (5 MHz), and 900 V/µs slew rate. It operates from a ±5V power supply. OPA686 offers a 1.6 GHz gain bandwidth product, 1.3 nV/ÃHz input voltage noise, -95 dBc distortion (5 MHz), 600 V/µs slew rate, high dc accuracy, 120 mA/-90 mA output current, and is stable for gains above 7.


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