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Op Amps Improve Battery Performance

Boasting of unmatched speed-to-power ratios, the OPA349 single and OPA2349 dual operational amplifiers are said to be ideal for use in battery-powered products such as smoke detectors, battery packs, cellular phones, pagers, and PDAs. The OPA349 series features a supply current and voltage of 1 µA and 1.8V, respectively, and a 70-kHz bandwidth. These rail-to-rail input and output amplifiers are unit-gain stable and require no external compensation. The input common-mode voltage extends 200 mV beyond the power supply rails and the output swings to within 150 mV of the rails. Both series can be operated from power supplies ranging from 1.8V to 5.5V. The OPA349 is priced from $0.58 each/1,000 and the OPA2349 costs $0.79 each/1,000 and both are available in either an SOT23-5 or SO-8 surface-mount package. The OPA349 is available in a PDIP-8.


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