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Op Amps' I/Os Run Rail-To-Rail

With 5-MHz gain-bandwidth to produce an excellent dc accuracy of 400 µV offset voltage and rail-to-rail operation at the inputs and outputs, these operational amplifiers are well suited for cost-sensitive portable applications. The single MAX4322 in SOT23-5 packaging, the single MAX4323 with shutdown mode, the dual MAX4326 and dual MAX4327 with shutdown mode and the quad MAX4329 operate on a single supply of 2.4V to 6.5V or dual supplies of ±1.2V to ±3.25V. Overdriving their inputs does not cause a phase reversal at the outputs. They require only 650 µA of supply current per amplifier, and all are unity-gain stable for capacitive loads up to 500 pF and are capable of driving 250 ohm loads. Shutdown mode lowers the supply current to 25 µA and places the outputs in a high-impedance state.


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