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Op Amps Leak Little Current For Given BW

0705EDEproductnewsMicrochip-AMicrochip’s MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 zero-drift op amps offer a very low quiescent current for the given bandwidth, according to the company. The MCP6V11 provides 80 kHz of gain bandwidth product with a low typical quiescent current of only 7.5 µA . The MCP6V31 provides 300 kHz of gain bandwidth product coupled with a typical quiescent current of 23 µA. 

Employing Microchip’s advanced CMOS technology, both devices operate with a single supply voltage as low as 1.6 V. Their self-correcting architecture provides a maximum input offset voltage of 8 µV for ultra-low-offset and low-offset drift, enabling maximum accuracy across time and temperature. The MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 single amplifiers are both available in small five-pin SOT-23 and five-pin SC-70 packages.


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