Electronic Design

Op Amps (NEW!)

Vendor Products Data Sheet/
App Notes
Advanced Linear Devices E-Trimmable
Ultra Low

Analog Devices Inc. Various Op Amps  
Apex Microtechnology Power Op Amps  
Fairchild Semiconductor Various Op Amps
Intersil Corp. High-Speed, Precision, Low Power  
Linear Technology Corp. Various Op Amps  
Maxim Integrated Products Low Offset Voltage, Low Input Bias Current, Low Noise, Low Power/Micropower, High Speed, Single Supply, and Rail-to-Rail  
Micrel Semiconductor Micro-Power, High-Speed and General Purpose  
Microchip Technology Various Op Amps  
National Semiconductor High-Speed, Low-Power, Micropower, Low-Voltage, General Purpose, Rail-to-Rail, Low-Noise, Precision and High-Output Power  
On Semiconductor General Purpose, High Current, High Speed, Low Noise, Low Power, Low Voltage  
ST Microelectronics General Purpose, High Output Current, Large Bandwidth, Precision, Rail to Rail, Ultra-low Consumption, Ultra-low Noise  
Texas Instruments Inc. Precision, Low Voltage, Low Power, High Voltage, General Purpose  
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