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Op Amps Power Up From Single Cell

Debuting as the industry's only low-voltage operational amplifiers that can be powered from a single NiCd, NiMH, or alkaline battery cell, the MC33501 and MC33503 are fully operational at 0.9V. Via a proprietary process, both devices provide 1V rail-to-rail performance to within 50 mV on both the input and output.
They also incorporate an on-demand base-current-cancellation amplifier, said to allow the ICs to consume little current when the output stage is in quiescent mode. Typical supply current is 1.2 mA. Both devices are functionally the same but with varying pin-out configurations in a SOT-23-5 package.
Other features of both devices include a typical unity-gain bandwidth at 5V= 4 MHz to 1V= 3 MHz and an operational temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. Applications include cell phones, sensor interface, PCMCIA cards, ASIC input devices, and PDAs.


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