Op Amps Provide Signal Processing Accuracy With Low-Voltage Operation

Op Amps Provide Signal Processing Accuracy With Low-Voltage Operation

Rohm has improved the signal processing accuracy of its low-voltage op amps, designed for motion sensor applications such as accelerometers and angular velocity detection. According to the company, the BD5291G and BD5291FVE provide low-voltage operation with input/output full-swing capability and high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). Combining all three qualities in the same device was previously very difficult to achieve.

The devices’ high CMRR (70 dB minimum, compared to a typical figure of 45 dB offered by other devices) results in a small-signal processing accuracy that’s 18 times greater than conventional products. This has been achieved by significantly reducing the offset voltage generated as the differential input stage. The op amps offer input/output full-swing operation at only 1.7 V, providing sufficient margin against supply voltage fluctuations.

The combination of accuracy and low power suits these devices to smartphones, tablet PCs, handheld gaming equipment, and other similar applications.



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