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Optoisolators Include Temperature, Voltage And Current Compensation

Delivering data rates up to 500 kb/s, the OPI1268 series optoisolators employ the Photologic phototransistor technology that enables temperature, voltage, and current compensation. The components use 850-nm GaAlAs LEDs, optically coupled to an IC that integrates a photodiode for detecting light and converting it to a proportional current. The current feeds into a linear amplifier with temperature, current, and voltage compensation, resulting in a stable digital output with an open-collector inverter configuration. The components specify a typical forward voltage of 1.3V at IF = 20 mA with a reverse current of 100 µA. The output chip provides an output current of 120 µA at IF = 0.9 mA and an output voltage of 0.55V at IF = 10 mA. Other features include a propagation delay from low to high output levels of 100 ns and 200 ns from high to low output levels. Pricing is $4.89 each/1,000. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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