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Oven-Controlled Oscillator Keeps Handhelds On Frequency

A subminiature oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) delivers low power consumption, fast warm-up, and high stability to designers of handheld radios, handset-based mobiles, mobile base stations, and a range of other mobile communication systems. The DIP NVG79 OCXO series requires less than 250 mA during its warm-up period of less than 10 seconds and maintains its low power consumption in operation, consuming less than 0.4 W in steady-state operation. The RoHS-compliant oscillators stand just 0.355 in. tall and come in through-hole and surface-mounted configurations. They’re offered in a wide frequency range from 20 kHz to 54 MHz as standard versions; custom frequencies are available for high-volume orders. BLILEY TECHNOLOGIES INC., Erie, PA. (814) 838-3571.


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