Electronic Design

Overvoltage Protection IC Reduces Board Space By 40%

Available in a 3- by 4- by 0.9-mm QFN-22 package, the NUS6189 promises to reduce board space by up to 40% by integrating four separate protection functions. These include an overvoltage protection circuit, a 30-V P-channel power MOSFET, a low-VCE (sat) transistor, and a power MOSFET. The device targets applications that require an external ac-dc adapter or car accessory charger such as mobile phones, personal media players, and mobile Internet devices. Capable of handling large inrush peak currents, the NUS6189 specifies an overvoltage turn-off time of less than 1 µs and quickly disconnects the input supply from the load during faults. Price is $0.55 each/1000.

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