Electronic Design

Paul Brokaw

Brokaw (2002)

Inventor of the "Brokaw cell," a bandgap voltage reference technique that resulted in monolithic voltage references, Brokaw has designed a wide variety of leading-edge products. These include analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, sensors, voltage references, amplifiers, power-management circuits, and application-specific ICs. Long before these achievements, he cultivated his versatility by designing geophysical instrumentation and earth satellite and planetary probe instrumentation. In 1963, Brokaw joined Arthur D. Little Inc. as a circuit design consultant to industrial, scientific, and government clients. In 1971, he joined Nova Devices, which became the semiconductor division of Analog Devices. Holder of nearly 90 U.S. patents in analog IC designs, Brokaw now concentrates on developing new products and engineering resources for Analog Devices.

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