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Photo IC Sensor Comes Housed In SMT Package

Incorporating both a photodiode and a signal processing circuit, the EIC-3200 series of photo IC sensors is said to be the first such device to be housed in a surface-mount package. The sensorÕs signal processing circuit includes an amplifier, Schmitt trigger and voltage regulator, with the sensors having an operating temperature range of -25¡C to 35¡C and an operating voltage range of from 4.5V to 17V. The EIC-3200 SMT photo IC sensors are designed for use in products such as bar code readers, medical instruments, process control systems, data transmission products, and security systems. These digital output detectors are available with various lead lengths and have a starting price of $1.58 each in quantities of 1,000. For more information, contact Joon Kim at ELEKON INDUSTRIES USA INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 353-5661.


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