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Photo ICs Address Synchronous Detection Apps

Prepped for synchronous laser-beam detection applications such as print-start timers, the S9684 and S9684-01 photo ICs report highly stable digital outputs even when laser power or ambient temperature fluctuates. Both devices employ a current amplifier with two gain levels: the S9684 has a gain of 20x while the S9684-01 has a 6x gain. They each specify maximum rise-and-fall times of 5 ns and a maximum propagation delay time variation of ±5 ns. The S9684 has an active area of 2.5 mm x 0.5 mm, and the S9684-01 has an active area 2.5 mm x 0.3 mm. Other shared features include a current consumption of 4 mA and an operating temperature range from -25°C to 80°C. Available in 3 mm x 1.3 mm x 4 mm packages, price is $2.91 each in small quantities. HAMAMATSU CORP., Bridgewater, NJ. (800) 524-0504.


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