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PIN Photodiodes/Phototransistors Hit The Road

PIN Photodiodes/Phototransistors Hit The Road

Optimized for automotive applications, the AEC-Q101-qualified miniature TEMD7x00X01 PIN photodiodes and TEMT7x00X01 phototransistors reside in 0805 surface-mount packages with a 1.25 mm x 2 mm footprint and a 0.85-mm profile. The devices are available with spectral sensitivity to ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared, or to near-infrared radiation only. The photodiodes specify a 100-ns response time with a spectral sensitivity range of 350 nm to 1,120 nm or 750 nm to 1,050 nm while the phototransistors offer a high light current of 450 µA and spectral sensitivity range of 470 nm to 1,090 nm or 750 nm to 1,010 nm with a visible light filtering epoxy. Both devices feature a 1-nA dark current, ± 60° angle of half sensitivity, and have a matching emitter in the recently introduced 940-nm VSMB1940X01. Additionally, they offer an operating temperature range from - 40 °C to + 100°C. Pricing for either device is $0.19 each/5,000. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0860.


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