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Power Module Line Adds SOT227 Versions

Power Module Line Adds SOT227 Versions

Expanding the company’s line of diode modules are 35 full-bridge devices in SOT227 packages. They cover ranges from 6A to 100A and 45V to 1.7 kV. SiC diode modules are available from 6A to 40A both in 600V and 1.2 kV while Schottky diode modules span 30A to 60A and from 45V to 200V. Two standard mains rectifier diode full bridge modules, 40A and 90A, 1.6 kV, are on tap as well as FRED diode modules from 30A to 100A and from 200V to 1700V. These modules offer both ultrafast FRED diodes and low-voltage FREDs. Depending on configurations, pricing starts at $8.47 for silicon-diode bridges and $24.26 for SiC- diode bridges. MICROSEMI CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 713-4113.
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