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Power MOSFET Pair Runs On Low Gate-Charge

A pair of N-channel power MOSFETs, the Si4368DY and Si7668DP, combine low gate-charge specifications (Qgd) with small values of on-resistance (rDS(ON)) to provide a very low Figure-of-Merit (Qgd x rDS(ON)) of 23 m?nC for power switching devices. This minimizes switching losses and results in more efficient dc/dc converter supplies. Both devices have a Qgd/Qgs ratio of 0.37, which holds down Qgd, giving high shoot-thru immunity. On-resistance for both types is 3.6 m? at 4.5V maximum. The Si4368DY is packaged in the PowerPAK SO-8 while the Si7668DP comes in the industry-standard SO-8. The PowerPAK SO-8 is thermally enhanced for lower thermal resistance and higher power dissipation than the SO-8. The maximum gate threshold voltage for both devices is 1.8V. Applications are low-side operation in synchronous buck converters (single phase or multiphase) in notebook computers, servers and fixed telecom systems. Pricing for both types starts at $1.25 each/100,000. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (619) 336-0860.


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