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Power MOSFET With Schottky Diode Enables Double-Sided Cooling

The SiE726DF emerges as the industry's first 30V monolithic power MOSFET with integrated Schottky diode in a package with top and bottom heat dissipation paths. Available in the company’s PolarPAK package with double-sided cooling, the device performs as the low-side control switch in synchronous rectification for high-current dc/dc converters, VRM, graphics cards, and point-of-load applications. It specifies a maximum on resistance of 0.0024 Ohms at a 10V gate drive or 0.0033 Ohms maximum at 4.5V. The device provides a typical gate charge of 50 nC, with a low Qgd/Qgs ratio to help prevent shoot through. Other features include a Qrr of 30 nC and a VSD of 0.37V, reportedly 50% lower than that of a standard MOSFET. Pricing for the SiE726DF starts at $0.85 each/10,000. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC., Malvern, PA. (408) 567-8347.


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