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Power MOSFETs Light Up LCD TVs And Monitors

A series of four high-voltage power MOSFETs is intended to drive backlight inverters for LCD TVs and monitors and ultra high pressure (UHP) discharge-lamp inverters for beamers and projection TVs. The PHP33NQ20T/PHB33NQ20T are rated for 200 V breakdown voltage and on-resistance of 65 m?, and the PHP45NQ15T/PHB45NQ15T are rated for 150 V breakdown and on-resistance of 34 mΩ. Both types are supplied in either industry-standard TO-220 or D2PAK packages. The MOSFETs are specially designed to interface to the cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) tubes used to backlight large-area LCD displays and the UHP lamps used in projection TVs and beamers. Such tubes and lamps must be driven with controlled high-frequency ac waveforms to provide accurate brightness control without flicker. These MOSFETS provide the necessary high-speed switching currents to generate such waveforms. Price is $0.40 each/10,000. ROYAL PHILIPS ELECTRONICS, San Jose, CA. (408)617-4700.


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