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Power Op Amp Comes In Space-Saving SIP

Housed in a 12-pin Power SIP with dimensions of 1.2" long x 0.87" wide, PA16 power op amp has a flat back design and isolated case that allows direct heatsinking. The 5A, 38V op amp has an internal power dissipation of 62.5W. A complementary collector output stage is protected against inductive feedback and can swing very close to the supply rails. With an efficiency of 1.2V at 2A and 350 kHz power bandwidth, the device is well-suited for driving inductive and capacitive loads. It also is suited for use in audio applications. The "A" grade version of the device, called PA16A, has an offset voltage of ±3 mV, offset current of 50 pA, bias current of 100 pA, and voltage swing of -3±Vs.


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