Electronic Design

Power Op Amps Dissipate Up To 125 W

The PA38 and PA39 high-voltage MOSFET power op amps are constructed with surface-mount components on a thermally conductive but electrically isolated substrate. The substrate allows the op amps to dissipate up to 125 W or 10 A of continuous output, while operating from supplies ranging up to ±100 V (PA38) or ±50 V (PA39). Slew rate for both models is 10 V/µs. Other features include external compensation, four-wire current sensing, a boost voltage, and strappable-class cooperation for improved efficiency. Packaging is in 2.060- by 1.632-in. DIPs.

Pricing starts at about $36 in lots of 100.

Apex Microtechnology Corp.
(800) 546-APEX; www.apexmicrotech.com

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