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Power Op Amps Drive Large Capacitive Loads Without External MOSFETs

Thanks to a scalable N-channel design that allows the use of large power die and improved internal power dissipation, the 90 Series power op amps provide very high outputs that reportedly have been unattainable using other linear devices without the use of large, external MOSFETs. Of the three models, the PA93 offers the highest output current at 8A continuous and up to 14A peak. The PA92 is a 4A device with 7A peak output and the PA90 delivers 200 mA continuous and 350 mA peak. The latter device trades off output for its fast 300 V/µs slew rate. Internal power dissipation ratings range from 30W for PA90 to 125W for PA93. All devices operate on a wide, high 100V to 400V supply (±50V to ±200V) and all draw just 10 mA in standby mode. The low quiescent current can reduce power supply requirements and cooling costs for an entire system. Other benefits of the series include programmable current limit and a MOSFET output stage that's biased A/B for linear operation.


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