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Power Op Amps Drive Piezo Electric Devices

A series of high-voltage, high-speed power op amps, the PA78, PA86 and PA69 are targeted at the growing use of piezo electric devices in industrial and medical markets. The devices can reach slew rates of up to 350 V/μs on supply voltages of 350V. They can deliver up to 150 mA of output current while drawing small standby current—less than 1 mA depending on performance requirements. The PA78 can output ±175V, while the PA86 and PA69 each have ±100V output capability. The PA78 offers the highest output current, 150 mA, with the PA86 capable of 100 mA and the PA69 50 mA. The PA86 is specified for the widest power bandwidth at 300 kHz, with the PA78 and PA69 at 200 kHz. Both the PA78 and PA86 have the fastest slew rates of 350 V/μs, with the PA69 coming in at 200 V/μs. All three come in 12-pin single-in-line (SIP) packages. Pricing in 10,000 piece quantities is $24.85 each for the PA78, $18.15 each for the PA86 and $10.50 each for the PA69. APEX MICROTECHNOLOGY CORP., Tucson, AZ. (800) 546-2739.


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