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Power Rectifier Products Boast Small-Signal-Device Footprint

Diodes Inc. has unveiled its high-current-density PowerDI323 product platform with new Schottky rectifiers and Zener products. The PowerDI323 product platform aims to meet the demands for portability by providing smaller, more efficient discrete devices.

The PowerDI323 is among the smallest power packages in the power rectifier market. It features a footprint of 2.37 mm2 and a profile height of 0.7 mm. Its flat heatsink provides very good thermal contact. Also, its internal lead frame is 150% larger than the standard SOD-323 and enables increased forward conduction current to pass through the die at a lower power consumption rate.

The company’s PowerDI323 PD3S Schottky rectifiers are designed to improve efficiency and enable the miniaturization of dc-dc converters in small portable electronics such as mobile phones, digital audio players, and digital cameras.

Diodes Inc. has extended the PowerDI323 platform to its PD3Z284C series of 5.1- to 12-V Zener devices. The new compact package will be used for the company’s 2.4- to 36-V Zener devices before the end of 2006.

Diodes Inc.

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