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Power Semiconductors

Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
Advanced Linear Devices Inc. MOSFETs
Advanced Power Technology MOSFETs, FREDFETs, Diodes and IGBTs  
Allegro Microsystems Inc. Power Interface Drivers, Power Sink and Source Drivers, and Power Regulators and Transistors
Analog Devices Inc. Switching and Linear Regulators, DC/DC Converters, Charge Pumps, and Battery Chargers
California Eastern Laboratories Power GaAs MOSFETs and Silicon LD-MOS FETs  
California Micro Devices Corp. Power Regulator ICs  
Ericsson Inc.-Power RF Power Transistors and DC/DC Power Modules
Fairchild Semiconductor IGBTs, Power Transistors, Power MOSFETs, and Zener Diodes  
General Semiconductor Voltage Regulators and MOSFETs  
International Rectifier Corp. IGBTs, Power Transistors, Power MOSFETs, and Zener Diodes  
Intersil Corp. Voltage Regulators and DC/DC Charge Pumps
DC/DC Converters and MOSFET Drivers

Ixys Corp. IGBTs, Power MOSFETs, and Power Diodes
High Voltage Current Regulators

Linear Technology Corp. BInductorless DC/DC Converters, Linear Regulators and Switching Regulators  
M/A-Com - Division Of Amp Inc. Power Transistors  
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. Step Up and Step Down Converters and Linear Regulators  
Micrel Semiconductor Inc. LDO Regulators, Switching Regulators and MOSFET Drivers  
Micro Linear Corp. Power Amplifiers
Microchip Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, Inductorless DC/DC Converters, and Power MOSFET Drivers  
Microsemi Corp. LDO Regulators, Switchers and DC/DC Converters  
National Semiconductor Corp. LDO Regulators and Voltage Regulators  
ON Semiconductor Power MOSFETs and IGBTs  
Philips Semiconductors Inc. Power Thyristors and Triacs, Power Bipolar Transistors, Power Diodes, PowerMOS Transistors  
Power Integrations Inc. Power Supply ICs, DC/DC Converters and Power Switches  
RF Micro Devices Inc. High Power Linear Amplifiers
Seiko Instruments Voltage Regulators, Switching Regulators and Multiple Power ICs  
Semtech Corp. Linear, Switching, Combination, and Shunt Regulators and Charge Pumps  
Sipex Corp. Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, Charge Pumps and USB Power Switches  
STMicroelectronics Switching Regulators, Power Bipolar Transistors, Power MOSFETs, SCRs, TRIACs, DIACs, Power Rectifiers  
Supertex Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators and MOSFETs  
Teccor Electronics TRIACs, SCRs, DIACs, SIDACs and Thyristors  
Texas Instruments Voltage Regulators
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. Switching and Linear Regulators

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